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CCC is mandatory regulation of product certification government
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(3) those who assure attestation result is accurate, assume corresponding legal responsibility;

(one) applicable product range;

(2) the national level of applicable product correspondence and technical regulation;

(3) attestation mode and corresponding line of the products and standard; (4) recognize supervisory administration to national attestation regularly committee reply sends " catalog " in product certification information;

(5) the commercial secret of conservative attestation product and technical secret, do not get the positive result of science and technology of detinue other;

(6) without the license, must not make over attestation to accept power to make decisions of authority, attestation to other attestation orgnaization, detect authority and examination authority;

(7) must not be engaged in attestation inside working duty limits seek advice to develop the work with the product;

(8) do not sign so that do sth without authorization and other orgnaization perhaps organize bilateral multilateral perhaps each other admits " catalog " in the attestation of the product, agreement that detect and checks a result;

(9) not according to is ditto place narrates an agreement to issue " catalog " in product certification certificate;

(10) cooperate each district to pledge service is opposite check violate law of certificate of quality, code and regulations act investigate the work;

(11) build " catalog " in product certification is complained, appeal system, just processing appoints limits inside " catalog " in the controversy of product certification.

The 24th obtains " catalog " in the generator of product certification, person that sell, importer ought to abide by the following regulation:

(one) the requirement that assures to offer executive attestation to work;

(2) the product that assures to obtain attestation accords with relevant national level and technical regulation continuously;

(3) those who assure sale, entrance " catalog " in the product is the product that acquires attestation;

(4) use attestation symbol to obtaining the product of attestation to add according to the regulation;

(5) must not use attestation certificate and consumer of attestation mark misdirect;

(6) must not make over, certificate of attestation of buying and selling and attestation indicate or the part is shown, certificate of partial duplicate attestation.

(7) accept each district to pledge service mixes check the supervisory examination that appoints attestation orgnaization perhaps dogs examination.

The 5th chapter is punished criterion
The 25th " catalog " medium product, did not carry out attestation by this regulation, can be in 30 thousand yuan of the following amerce, instruct deadline to carry out attestation.
The 26th " catalog " medium product obtains attestation letter, did not use attestation to indicate by the regulation, instruct deadline to correct; Unconverted of exceed the time limit, can be in 10 thousand yuan of the following amerce.
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