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3C (CCC) of the mark explain buy an announcement
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The first. CCC mark buys way

1.Through the applicant of attestation orgnaization attestation, can apply for to buy a mark to CCC attestation management center directly, must offer attestation certificate carbon, requisition. The representative buys the unit that CCC indicates or individual to still must provide a power of attorney of client.

2.The applicant buys a mark through the network, the applicant must hold attestation certificate copy first, requisition, to CCC attestation examine and verify of mark management center is mixed register, after affirming through the identity, just can identify inspect through the country appoint the mark that order.

The 2nd. The applicant can be gotten to management center of mark of national CCC attestation " buy mark requisition " .

The 3rd. The mark that the applicant buys be confined to indicates in this number use on the product of paragraph of correspondence.

The 4th. If the applicant did not obtain letter of CCC compulsive attestation, before May 1, 2003, can use old certificate to apply for to buy CCC attestation mark.
When application buys a mark, should offer:

Photocopy of 1. old certificate;

2. buys mark requisition;

Give an official of head of 3. attestation department.

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