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CCC is mandatory regulation of product certification government
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(Quality of nation of 1 People's Republic of China is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes the 5th)
General principles of the first chapter
The first is mixed to perfect the standard is mandatory product certification works, cogent maintain country, society and public interest, the regulation of the legal laws and regulations that according to the country family property tastes certificate of quality of safe quality license, product and the State Council gift national quality is supervised examine the function that quarantine total bureau and national attestation approve supervisory management committee, make this provision.
The 2nd country is healthy to involving the mankind with safety, move plant life and health, and environmental protection and communal and safe product are executed mandatory certification system.

The 3rd basis accredit of the State Council, national attestation approbates supervisory management committee to be in charge of countrywide attestation to approve the work.

The 4th country is right mandatory product certification is announced unified " People's Republic of China is carried out mandatory the catalogue item of product certification " (the following abbreviation " catalog " ) , decide regulation of unified and applicable state level, technology is mixed executive program, make and issue unified mark, set unified rate.

The 5th every includes " catalog " product, the qualification of attestation orgnaization attestation that must appoint via the country, obtain the attestation letter that appoints attestation orgnaization to issue, add after applying attestation to indicate, just can leave factory sale, entrance and use in management sex activity

The 2nd chapter is mandatory the constituent management of product certification
Quality of the 6th nation is supervised examine quarantine total bureau concerns legal laws and regulations according to the country, make a state mandatory the regulations of product certification and system; Approval, release " catalog " .
Attestation of the 7th country approves supervisory management committee responsible whole nation is mandatory the management of product certification system and organization carry out the job, fulfil the following obligation:

(one) approbate the job to carry out supervisory management to countrywide attestation, harmonious concerned attestation recognizes major problem of the job;

(2) protocol, adjust and supervise with national quality examine quarantine total bureau is released jointly " catalog " ;

(3) make and release " catalog " in product certification implements regulation;

(4) affirmatory " catalog " in the attestation mode with applicable product certification;

(5) make and issue attestation mark;

(6) the model that provides attestation letter and format;

(7) appoint attestation orgnaization and detect for what its serve orgnaization, examination orgnaization is assumed mandatory product certification and attestation activity detect mediumly, the examination works;
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