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CCC is mandatory regulation of product certification government
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(3) the factory is examined;

(4) sample detect;

(5) attestation result evaluation and approval;

(6) after obtaining attestation supervise.

Thirteenth " catalog " in the generator of the product, person that sell and importer can serve as an applicant, to appoint attestation orgnaization to put forward " catalog " in product certification application.

The 14th applicant applies for " catalog " in product certification ought to abide by the following regulation:

(one) according to " catalog " in product certification implements regular provision, to appoint attestation orgnaization to submit attestation requisition, necessary technology file and sample;

(2) when the person that application is sold artificially, importer, ought to mix to the person that appoint attestation orgnaization to refer a sale at the same time generator or the relevant contract carbon that importer and generator conclude;

(3) the applicant entrusts other to apply for " catalog " in of product certification, ought to with suffer client to conclude attestation, detect, check and dog the contract of the item such as the examination, get client ought to at the same time to the carbon that appoints attestation orgnaization to refer a power of attorney, carbon that entrusts a contract and other and relevant contract;

(4) set pay attestation fee according to the country.

The 15th appoints attestation orgnaization to be in charge of accepting attestation application of the applicant, implement regular provision according to attestation, arrangement type experiment, factory is examined, sample detect wait for an activity, make attestation decision, issue attestation letter to the product that acquires attestation.

Appoint attestation orgnaization to be in usually, inside 90 days when ought to accept applicant attestation to apply for oneself, make attestation decide and inform an applicant.

Certificate of the 16th attestation is a proof " catalog " in the product accords with attestation to ask and allow the proof document that its use attestation to indicate.

Attestation certificate includes the following and basic content:

(one) applicant;

(2) product name, model or series name;

(3) the generator of the product, produce or processing factory () ;

(4) attestation mode;

(5) the standard of attestation basis and technical regulation;

(6) the date that send card and period of efficacy;

(7) the orgnaization that send card.

The name that the seventeenth attestation indicates is ” of “ China compulsive attestation (English name is “ChinaCompulsoryCertification” , english abbreviate is “CCC” , also but abbreviation indicates for “3C” . ) , attestation mark is " catalog " in the product allows its leave factory sale, entrance and use proof number.
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