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CCC is mandatory regulation of product certification government
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The 27th is forged, risk indicate with attestation certificate, attestation, violate the act of laws and regulations of law of certificate of quality of license of quality of safety of national related goods, product with etc, according to gives about the regulation of legal laws and regulations punishment.

The 28th appoints attestation orgnaization and the designation that provide a service for its to detect orgnaization and examination orgnaization issue false proof, perhaps falsify relevant document, assume corresponding responsibility lawfully.

The administration that this the 29th chapter provides is punished, by each district qualitative check quality of service basis nation is supervised examine the concerned regulation that case of administration of quarantine total bureau handles an order is carried out.

Supplementary articles of the 6th chapter
Thirtieth the specific management system such as mark of the attestation executive regulation in this regulation, attestation approbates supervisory management committee to be made separately by national attestation.
Thirtieth stipulates by the country quality is supervised originally examine attestation of country of accredit of quarantine total bureau approbates supervisory management committee to be in charge of explaining.

Thirtieth sets 2 times to apply since May 1, 2002 oneself originally.

(4) application unit differentiates regulation perhaps sets;

(5) sample and send appearance the demand;

(6) crucial yuan parts of an apparatus identifies a requirement really (the basis needs) ;

(7) check mark allows and detect the relevant requirement such as regulation;

(8) the specific requirement that the factory examines (the basis needs) ;

(9) dog the specific requirement of the examination;

(10) applicable product imposes the specific requirement that imposes attestation mark;

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