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CCC is mandatory regulation of product certification government
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(8) announce appoint attestation orgnaization and the designation that serve for its to detect the directory of orgnaization, examination orgnaization and its work limits;

(9) publish the product that acquires attestation and its enterprise directory;

(10) the item that examines and approve special purpose product to avoid Yu Jiang to make sexual attestation;

(11) service is opposite qualitative check of directive each district mandatory the investigating of product certification illegal behavior works;

(12) accept mandatory of product certification complain, appeal works, the organization investigates great attestation to violate act;

(13) directive processing is concerned mandatory the great matters concerned in product certification job.

Service is in charge of qualitative check of the 8th each district fulfil the following obligation:

(one) according to legal duty, to place administer area " catalog " in the product is carried out supervise;

(2) right mandatory product certification illegal behavior undertakes investigating.

The 9th assigns the responsibility of attestation orgnaization:

(one) according to product certification inside designation working limits executive regulation begins attestation work;

(2) the product to obtaining attestation, issue attestation letter;

(3) undertake dogging checking to acquiring the product of attestation;

(4) accept concerned attestation to complain, appeal works;

(5) pause lawfully, cancel and cancel attestation certificate.

The 3rd chapter is mandatory of product certification system carry out
The 10th " catalog " in the onefold attestation mode below product certification comfortable in order to or the combination of a certain number of attestation mode, specific include:
(one) design appraisal;

(2) type experiments;

(3) production spot sample detects or check;

(4) the market samples to detect or be checked;

(5) examine and verify of company quality guarantee system;

(6) the follow-up that obtains attestation dogs examination.

The function of product of basis of product certification mode, the harm rate that produces possibly to the respect such as human body health, environment and public safety, the integrated element such as the lifecycle character of the product, confirm according to the principle such as science, advantage.

Specific product certification mode implements the provision in regulation in attestation.

Eleventh " catalog " in product certification executive regulation includes the following and basic content:
(11) other provision.

Dozenth " catalog " in the program of product certification includes the following and all or partial link:

(one) attestation applies for and accept;

(2) type experiments;
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