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3C of toy transhipment of through cargo goes hard
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Since June 1, 2007, toy industry carries out 3C attestation compulsively to had had two many months. According to national regulation, did not obtain attestation certificate and did not bring to bear on China is mandatory attestation indicates, cannot leave factory again, sale, entrance or use in other management activity. However, right Chinese toy is at present big for the market, because,toy industry is met of 3C attestation be executed compulsively and standard, is as a result of,toy safety met of 3C attestation be executed compulsively and make numerous consumer have nothing worry about? For this, the reporter visited each big toy shop.
"Transhipment of through cargo " avoid attestation
Recently, the reporter dismisses the toy is safe since executing real case from toy 3C attestation for know clearly, visited Beijing providential, red bridge each toyshop of big market. But, making what the reporter is surprised is, the actual condition that toy attestation carries out nots allow hopeful. Although, those who pass a many month is compulsive execute, major toy affixed the mark of 3C attestation, but to partial toy businessman, this just is a toy " transhipment of through cargo " , with " the head that hang a sheep, flesh selling a dog " appearance had not been been.
In providential market in a toyshop, the reporter sees the toy that displays inside inn stuck 3C label mostly. However, through careful observation, the charge for the making of sth. of these toys is coarser, some edges and corners are outstanding, some data strength are insufficient, do not accord with 3C attestation standard apparently. The reporter packed the 3C attestation sign that attend to remove suspicion to the toy immediately. For this, the reporter enquires whether merchant still sells some toy previously intentionally. "Have. " merchant says at the same time, took out a toy to be put before the reporter at the same time.
"Incorrect, last packing is not such, made a mistake? " after the reporter has looked to pack, ask.
Explore through a few, merchant discloses to the reporter, did not imprint now the toy of 3C attestation does not let sell, and the much money that takes before New Year has not sold, stem from but was forced to buy a batch to imprint through the relation the toy of attestation having 3C is packed, after repackage, take sell.
"Also can such, otherwise this half an year works not to say in vain, the cost that connects replenish onr's stock also closes not to come back. " what merchant says is very honest.
He still pats pat chest to express: Eight Guan carries adept of Da of  food slave-girl to take tip of Chong of Bo of serve of form of  of Guo of brandish form serve chair of high mountain collect shakes! ?
Pack sell fire
This merchant still tells a reporter, since toy 3C attestation is carried out compulsively, many manufacturers and merchant actively and the enterprise connection that pass attestation, hope lane is packed to the toy that prints attestation having 3C, also include him himself of course. "The big company of a lot of is being driven imprint new pack, use besides oneself enterprise, still can sell an one share, of course, these are to trade under the counter. Should have only new pack, the toy is good sell much, the price also can tower above is original many. " after merchant states he packs shop through changing, understand this very much. "Resemble this peashooter, so 80 yuan, can sell 170 yuan now. Since you had been bought so, that old still price. Do not hide the truth from you to say, feel to did not sell at first, remain so much toy to want deficient not little money for certain, but after buying a toy to pack, repackage, the price can oneself are decided, general drive up 40 multivariate very common. Besides, should pack what kind ofly go. " merchant says.
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