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The 2nd times the conference is in CNAS executive council Beijing is held
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On November 29, country of Chinese eligible assess approves committee (CNAS) the 2nd times the conference is in the executive council Beijing is held. The country adopts inspect appoint Wang Fengqing of director Sun Dawei, Director CNAS attends the meeting and speak.

Sun Dawei emphasizes, window of CNAS secretariat job is very much 2007, obtained multinomial the first, did a lot of initiating the gender works, these are the new achievement that recognizes the work, new effect. Each are special committee is in unified approbate system to fall, active play technology is propped up and the technology ensures action, make unifinication is run advance ahead ceaselessly. A new year, we should carry out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party seriously, insist to watch guidance to approve the work with scientific progress. In the meantime, we should comply with international attestation to recognize development trend, insist to regard the masterstroke that approves the work as development innovation, hold to Chinese characteristic to approve systematic way, strengthen academic research, strengthen fundamental construction, accelerate final user committee to establish the job, use the modern method such as informatization adequately, ceaseless and perfect, rich approve working system, system and mechanism with development, coordinate what implementation approves the work in the round can develop continuously, the struggling target that builds comparatively well-off society in the round to capture makes due contribution.

Wang Fengqing goes out in speaking middle finger, 2007, inspect admits in the country appoint below the leader, in CNAS committee meeting, executive council reachs each the guidance that wait, supervisory chime aids special committee below, CNAS secretariat asks according to committee job, obtained multinomial job innovation: Released our country to approbate the job 5 years to develop a program for the first time; First time organization holds international to approbate the “ international that the bound names with the country to approbate forum of international of Chinese day ” ; The international person of the same trade with the widest, the largest scale evaluates the limits that accepts Asia-Pacific to approbate an organization to be carried out at the same time for the first time; Carry out to attestation orgnaization for the first time approbate a risk to manage by different levels, the height that gets international approves an organization pays close attention to and take seriously.

Work about next year, wang Fengqing asks: Want to carry out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party seriously, plan approves new thinking of the job, new move; Want to hold to internationalization and China to change the Chinese distinguishing feature that combines to approve systematic way, abound the measure that approves a tie and method, pay close attention to eligible assess final result; The research of sex of the look up before wanting to had been done works, insist to develop innovation, develop active and reliably approbate a domain newly, satisfy market demand ceaselessly; Want to strengthen fundamental construction, rise recognize working quality; Want to finish those who approve final user committee to establish the job as soon as possible; Want to continue to strengthen oneself construction, cogent rise approbate effectiveness, service with consequence.
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