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China has suspended business successful home appliances 21 CCC Certification
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Reporter held in Beijing from 19 national certification and accreditation work conference that, the local certification regulatory departments on refrigerators, washing machines, cookers and other home appliances to market verification, has suspended 21 companies bid CCC certification. To ensure quality and safety of home appliances, January 2009, the state commission issued a notice, requiring the certification bodies and laboratories included in the product catalog home appliances investigation, increase the factory inspection and supervision after supervision and inspection, to take flight inspection, market sampling, etc., to ensure product safety and reliability, the compulsory product certification for standards. Meanwhile, the commission also requires local certification regulatory departments bid for home appliance products, focus on supervision and enforcement to eliminate illegal immigrant, the goods fail to match the products to enter the rural market, the products do not meet the strict requirements of treatment. On refrigerators, washing machines, cookers 85 of 136 batches of countryside enterprise products to market verification, has suspended 18 of the 21 successful enterprises CCC certification, 15 companies sent to the 16 rectification notices. Cars work in the countryside, "Cars to the countryside plan" clearly defined, light trucks, mini buses and motorcycles to be "through the National Compulsory Certification" can be used as subsidies for models. To this end, the commission asked local departments to strengthen supervision and management of product certification braking, steering, lighting and other safety indicators in the control of changes to strengthen the control of key parts of substandard products in time to suspend, revoke certification. Directory published by the countryside 98 verification of automobile manufacturers, 10 companies of all CCC certificate is suspended or revoked, two companies of some products CCC certificate is suspended or revoked; in the published 197 motorcycle manufacturers in 4 motorcycle business certificate is suspended or revoked.