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The 2nd times the conference is in CNAS executive council Beijing is held
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The conference listened to CNAS secretariat working circumstance and international approved report of development state of affairs 2007, discussed committee of CNAS final user to establish program, regulation of CNAS constitution, orgnaization, relevant orgnaization analyses a report to edit, and the working report of 5 special committee such as committee of attestation orgnaization technology.

The conference still reported the case such as the time-out that waits for an orgnaization to attestation orgnaization, lab this year, cancel. It is reported, came this year in January in October, the aspect is recognized in attestation orgnaization, suspended 9 attestation orgnaization 11 domains approve a qualification, cancelled two attestation orgnaization 4 domains approve a qualification, the cent center that cancelled an attestation orgnaization approves a qualification, cancel two domains approbate two attestation orgnaization qualification; Orgnaization respect waits in the lab, suspended 51, cancel / cancel 71, narrowed of the orgnaization such as 51 labs approbate limits. Up to this year on October 31, accumulative total of admissive certificate of of all kinds attestation 487309 pieces, suspend certificate of of all kinds attestation 21276 pieces, cancel is of all kinds attestation certificate 60258 pieces, cancel letter of of all kinds attestation 2465 pieces. (country of Chinese eligible assess approves committee)

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