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Carry out study seventeen great mind is brought to development ceaselessly
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The seventeen great mind that development study carries out a party is to be mixed currently henceforth the main task of a period. Identify inspect appoint mechanism and subordinate unit each Party branch sets out actually from the job, improve quality of politics of cadre worker thought further, it is motivation with the seventeen great mind of the party, directive practice promotes the work, carry out study ceaselessly seventeen great mind is brought to development.

Attestation approbates technical institute Party branch to study an activity at organizing all member special subject on November 2, with “ comprehensive study comprehends ” of essence of seventeen great mind to give priority to a problem, pay attention to Party branch collective to learn to teach oneself photograph union with the Party member. In special subject study, cai Wei's director points out seventeen big report has direct sense to specific work, combine the characteristic that the institute works, the thought theory system that he thinks social science studies the job wants to hold social mainstream, take the relevant news of theory of social mainstream thought at any time, ability innovation gives valuable scientific research gain. Institute comrade undertook centralized discussion around essence of seventeen great mind, think seventeen great mind has real direct sense to the job and life consistently, in activity of the following study, the job should is aimed at to need to divide result of special subject compose to experience on self-study foundation, develop criticism and self-criticism activity at the same time, contact style of theory study and working manner, work, want to carry out “ adequately to strengthen leader, serious organization, connection to sign up for the requirement that announces ” actually, in time, cogent make study teachs an activity to have depth, have actual effect, unite thought and understanding more self-consciously to seventeen great mind to come up, in fulfilling the job to carry out seriously.

Chinese attestation sanctions guild Party branch and identify inspect appoint approbate superintendency ministry Party branch on November 6 lecture of syndicate expert special subject, invited Liu Baodong of central Party school's associate professor to make a problem be " heat of the whole nation longs for, the world is fixed eyes upon, the Communist Party of China of carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future seventeen big " special subject lecture, association and identify inspect appoint all cadre worker that approbates superintendency ministry attended to study an activity this. Liu Baodong's associate professor is met from countrywide party generation the history that the system develops zigzag, the Communist Party of China the seventeen cause that causes heat of the whole nation to long for greatly and the Communist Party of China the seventeen report that why causes a whole world to fixed eyes upon 3 respects to do detailed, vivid, profundity for everybody greatly, analysed seventeen big theme in detail for everybody, analysed the formation of system of theory of open up of viatic of Chinese characteristic socialism and Chinese characteristic socialism, elaborated from 16 big since our country reforming and opening and the significant progress process that build comparatively well-off society to obtain in the round and its reason. Approbate superintendency department head to hold association secretary-general concurrently to give birth to flying comrade to think, this the lecture has important direct sense to learning the seventeen great mind that carries out a party, also be viatic of socialism of characteristic of China of “ of the 2nd special subject to learned ” to lay good theoretical foundation at the same time. Cadre worker expresses in succession, good people of this study benefit is much, will develop the stress that combines the 2nd special subject more thorough ground to learn to review and be united in wedlock to promote the work actually henceforth.
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