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The country adopts inspect appoint hold " attestation orgnaization runs way " ar
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Implement spirit of conference of countrywide quality work to carry out, cooperate to do quality of product of good whole nation and food safety special punish acts, the attestation activity of normative attestation orgnaization, strengthen the superintendency of pair of attestation orgnaizations, enhance attestation effectiveness, the country adopts inspect appoint drafted " attestation orgnaization runs way " (the following abbreviation " method " ) , ask according to legislative process, on November 28 - in Sichuan province the Chengdu City was held 30 days " method " argumentation of examine and verify is met. Identify inspect appoint vice director Xie Jun is attended and speak. The delegate that comes from local attestation to superintend branch and attestation orgnaization 30 more than person attended the meeting.

On the meeting, xie Jun vice director points out, formulate " method " core is the essence that should reflect an attestation activity, perfect administration to superintend, sufficient play administration superintends the action in attestation market standard, improve justice and efficiency. " method " should make clear a country to identify inspect appoint the powers and authorities of office that identifies inspect branch with the place differentiates, processing good advantageous position and duty relation; Want to build system of responsibility date from; Want to perfect attestation to superintend information platform. Join conference representing to combine oneself to carry out experience, be opposite from different point of view " method " revise the opinion that offerred cogency and proposal.

Session, xie Jun vice director returns condition of discrepancy of thorough Sichuan happy hill to examine work of special to safety of product quality and food repair undertook quarantine bureau superintend and director guides. (the country adopts inspect appoint condition of discrepancy of legal department Sichuan examines quarantine bureau)