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Monitoring of wholesome quality system and system of food safety management are
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To strengthen Xinjiang area to export food safety wholesome quality is controlled, the product quality that cooperates good whole nation and food safety are special punish activity, xinjiang examines quarantine bureau endangers analysis and research center of application of crucial reference point jointly with national food safety, monitoring of system of “ wholesome quality and food safety were held to manage a system to build in Urumqi a few days ago groom class ” . Come from Xinjiang examine the delegate of company of treatment of quarantine system, food in all 159 people attended to groom.

On the meeting, xinjiang examines Qiu Dong of secretary of quarantine bureau leading Party group, deputy director general is long the problem that area of the international home situation that introduced to export food company place to be faced with at present in the speech, Xinjiang is speaking food to produce the existence in machining control and examine quarantine branch is aimed at a product. Expert key explained “ to export food safety of system of quality of sanitation of company of production of food of exit of quality state ” , “ move with system of monitoring ” , “HACCP build with executive ” . The special provision ” that controls government about enhancing the product security such as food to “ the State Council, “ is applied about exporting food to add examine sanitation of the announcement ” that quarantine indicates and company of production of “ exit food registers the management that register to stipulate the content such as ” undertook announce as string of 1000 cash.

Adopt by a definite date 4 days groom, representing understood situation of current international, home and relevant legal laws and regulations to ask further; Comprehended food company the importance as the person of the first responsibility that assures food safety; Deepened the understanding that runs a system to wholesome quality system and food safety. (Xinjiang discrepancy condition examines quarantine bureau)