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Is CCC mark stuck can you stick at will unexpectedly?
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Basis of report from our correspondent sets related the country, when 6 kinds of toys such as toy of baby carrier, report, plastic toy, metal toy, eject toy, baby toy are sold in the market, must want to have mandatory product certification certificate and add stick China mandatory attestation indicates namely “3C” marks. However, new rule carries out a many month, the reporter undertakes to the toy attestation circumstance on the market dark when visitting, discover however, major toy still did not stick “3C” label.

Large market: Do not have manufacturer of “3C” go back

In provincial capital in a few large market, the reporter discovers most toy stuck “3C” label.

In 4 pailou the children shop of a bazaar, a female assistant tells a reporter, they are early know toy of 6 kinds of children wants to have “3C” attestation belong to the same organization, the goods that sells now so has relevant label. But still have a few this label was not stuck on plastic toy and baby carrier. Explanation of cabinet group staff says these toys had passed “3C” attestation, but it is the money that takes before June 1, be awaited in those days and did not carry out implement measure compulsively, did not stick a label so. If these products cannot be sold,express, with respect to processing of manufacturer of meeting go back.

Individual operator: Him “3C” is stuck

Reporter in town god's temple a few toyshop discover, car of a lot of toys inside these inn, peashooter and a few open wisdom on the toy, mark without “3C” .

The reporter discovers the counterjumper of agency of engage by special arrangement of some brand toy is sitting in inn doorway, the paster that label of a pile of big “3C” took on the hand is stuck toward the toy of a few big case. The reporter enquires the label on his home toy is is he himself is affixed go, this man says “ these were on June 1 before manufacturing toy, wanted the ‘3C’ on allowance to mark of course now. ”

Subsequently the reporter comes to a toyshop again, discover this inn is almost all the toy marks without “3C” . The reporter pretends to want to buy a toy to send a person, feel to was not stuck “3C” label appears not normal. If if want,merchant expresses at once, on his horse above affix to go.

Qualitative inspect bureau: “3C” should be stuck by manufacturer

Hefei city pledges inspect bureau surnames a staff member to tell a reporter dene, the product that produces business passes national attestation, obtain “3C” label, with respect to OK and outer bag mount hits “3C” to mark. Next, reappearance goods gives agency. Generally speaking, agency cannot stick “3C” mark with oneself. Now a few non-standard agency, to make oneself product increases class, open sales volume, with respect to the “3C” that buys a few holidays him label is stuck.
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