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Leapfrog happy event obtains CCC attestation certificate to get run Chinese chil
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On May 19, 2007, leapfrog product country is mandatory attestation (abbreviation CCC attestation) promulgate card celebration is held in hall of exhibition of China International trade centre, china examines limited company of attestation group certificate of quality (abbreviation CCIC-CAS) to American leapfrog company (LeapFrog Enterprices, inc. ) reach subsidiary leapfrog (China) limited company of educational science and technology issued CCC attestation letter.

The toy product that CCIC-CAS department country appoints is mandatory attestation task assumes an unit, high reputation is enjoyed inside Chinese attestation course of study; CCIC-CAS begins toy product certification the earliest in home, issued letter of compulsive attestation of CCC of product of first pieces of toy of countrywide. The beneficial that comes from the United States this wisdom educational product produces business- - leapfrog company (LeapFrog Enterprices, inc. ) reach subsidiary leapfrog (China) the CCC attestation certificate that teachs limited company of science and technology to obtain CCIC-CAS to issue, showed leapfrog to reach safe to the product height to take seriously to the care of children not only, also indicating Chinese children is early teach the market to be about to enter a brand-new safe period.

Accompanying the arrival of the 4th baby boom after new China holds water, china already made one of children education markets with the biggest whole world. But, the children education quality with the various children electron product that teachs orgnaization, good and evil people mixed up early, uneven items health that endangering our country children to teach a trade however develops. For normative industry order, protective infant safety is healthy, the country has pair of baby carrier from June 1, 2007 kind, electric toy kind, plastic toy kind, eject toy kind, baby kind with the metal kind country of executive " of product of toy of 6 large categories is mandatory attestation " (namely CCC attestation) , the product that did not carry CCC attestation will not allow production, sale at the appointed time. In relevant authority sectional series detects in, the children education product that American leapfrog company rolls out is in the respect performance such as safe, sanitation and product quality is outstanding, detect strictly finally through each won a state mandatory attestation certificate. Leapfrog is gotten in future run the one pace that Chinese children taught market respect to stride a key.

This happy event obtains CCC attestation letter, it may be said is leapfrog marchs the make a good beginning of Chinese market. Hand in place to appear on the market as new York card company, american leapfrog company is the flagship company of field of global children education, the company studies product, content in innovation concept, high-tech design, development and manage wait for a domain to all be in the whole world lead position. Be in the United States, leapfrog owns the brand that is as high as 79% famous spend and the market of 63% has electronic education market rate; As the whole world beneficial wisdom teachs the leader brand of the product, leapfrog has become the whole world to count the collective option of ten million parents; Up to now, leapfrog already ground hair work off exceeds 2, 4 million study a system, became the United States to grow 2003 publisher of the fastest K-12 education software, the award that its product won 300 above in the United States and other country. Garrison China in the round oneself since the market, the " diversity intelligence that leapfrog contain teachs Yu Le taught " concept to win domestic broad parent and children love.
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