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The country adopts inspect appoint survey undertakes in Zhejiang with respect to
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On August 13, the country adopts inspect appoint group of chief engineer Liu Weijun undertakes survey in Zhejiang with respect to job of attestation of toy product CCC.

Zhejiang province includes mandatory the company of toy product production of product certification catalog has more than 200, basically involve plastic toy, dynamoelectric toy and baby carrier 3 kinds big. Since last year, zhejiang province is various qualitative inspect branch adopts a variety of forms to publicize toy product mandatory certification system, constituent attestation orgnaization and detect and other places of hill of the justice black that orgnaization development company centers quite, another name for Taishan Mountain, smooth lake begins the service before leaning actively, ensure toy product is mandatory of attestation carry out smoothly. End by this year June, complete province already had 109 enterprises to obtain 229 pieces of letter, still many 50 enterprise has applied for attestation.

Liu Weijun's chief engineer was sure Zhejiang province is in toy product is mandatory the result that attestation respect obtains. He emphasizes, zhejiang province is various qualitative inspect branch should improve knowledge further, the quality that takes toy product seriously highly is safe. Want to make clear responsibility at the same time, each its are in charge of, take practical step, promote toy product actively mandatory of certification system carry out smoothly. Put the issue that be in to the enterprise, want serious distinction to treat, hold good policy dividing line, hold to education and the principle that punishment integrates, gravity investigates baleful illegal action.

Next, supervisory bureau of technology of Zhejiang province quality serves as the quality safety toy product mandatory the serious content that attestation superintends, increase superintendency strength, severity is investigated leave factory without attestation do sth without authorization, sell and forge, risk the irregularity with the mark to violate compasses act, close the toy that stops a batch of ill will to make imitation holiday to produce a business, purify the market, ensure of broad teenager children healthy with life safety.