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CCC Tibet examines development of business of hurried of quarantine bureau side
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To help industry of goose of bright heart of area of Tibetan forest Zhi limited company improves level of management, promote liver of its product goose to take door going abroad at an early date, tibet examines quarantine bureau from the help this enterprise carries out proceed with of attestation of ISO9000 quality system, from for, produce, it is difficult to sell tripartite face to be solved for company help sb to get over a difficulty, make the enterprise received real income.

Solve be in a dilemma of raw material replenish onr's stock, market for the enterprise, those who realize farmer and enterprise is double win. Examine in Tibet below the effort of quarantine bureau, make limited company realized course of study of bright heart goose from Tibetan music water, Lin Zhou two counties solved supply of goods to reduce cost, assured quality, solved Qu Shui, Lin Zhou again at the same time two counties are corn slow-moving be anxious prepare to narrow thereby the difficulty that grows an area.

Take effective measures, the side helps business development up to expand. In attestation process, be aimed at course of study of bright heart goose limited company is real problem, tibet examines quarantine bureau strengthened pair of industry technology services from two respects: It is pair of services propping up that have technical side, help enterprise is in Tibetan university farming herd institute is found feed respect technology talented person, solved difficult problem of deficient of professional technology personnel; 2 it is the help searchs data of the technology that raise goose, raise a process to undertake instructor to its, increase a business the technical level of relevant personnel.

Solve by-product slow-moving, raise business economic benefits. Goose is course of study of bright heart goose the by-product of limited company is in very long period of time, the enterprise contacts market everywhere but effects is very small. Tibet examines after quarantine bureau understands this situation, help this enterprise and Lhasa zoo actively reach weekly sale goose to arrange a ton agreement. Because goose is lower than pork price, reduced the zoo to raise the cost that uses the meat already, solved the problem with enterprise goose bad market again, both sides of enterprise, zoo is well-content. (Tibet examines quarantine bureau)