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Toy CCC Jiangsu examines toy of exit of quarantine bureau aggrandizement superin
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The near future, as commission of American consumable safety (CPSC) two large-scale recall China toys, our country exported the good figure of the toy to be affected certainly. Total bureau of national qualitative check allots " superintend the urgent announcement that permits the work with quality about strengthening exit toy to examine " (the following abbreviation " urgent announcement " ) hind, jiangsu examines quarantine bureau union saves the job originally actual, take step actively, ensure Jiangsu exports the quality of the toy and safety.

It is to ask each branch bureau increases propagandist strength, rapid will " urgent announcement " spirit is communicated to every to export a toy to produce a business, the requirement produces the grim situation that enterprise recognize faces currently, recognize product quality and the value that safety works adequately, identify a product actively to input the concerned code of country and area and standard requirement, safeguard our country self-consciously to export the international fame of the toy.

2 it is to ask each branch bureau is strict according to " urgent announcement " spirit, to already acquiring outlet the toy registers the business that register to have comprehensive check, do not accord with a circumstance to what discover in check, ask company within a definite time is rectified and reform, check result and attestation of times province bureau superintend a branch to put on record. Every discovery breaks the law, violate the enterprise of compasses, give time-out perhaps stops to register lawfully register, give corresponding administration punishment.

3 it is right new include exit toy quality license (register register) the Zhu Mu of limits, by ride, paper is made, stationery and eject kind the toy produces a business, the requirement registers the application that register at be being finished before September 1, 2007, press " exit toy quality is permitted (register register) executive detailed rules " (try out) the regulation builds quality management system. Since December 1, same executive evidence signs up for each branch bureau check, every was not obtained register the business that register, uniform must not accept newspaper check. Jiangsu bureau will publish list of the company that obtain evidence on outer net, the “ that combines month of this bureau 8-10 to undertake ” of storm of 100 days of quality acts, the executive circumstance that signs up for check to proof of each branch bureau undertakes checking.

4 it is the phenomenon in Yuan Fucai of partial issue out comparativing to expect in be being made in the light of the toy, jiangsu bureau adopts positive step to increase the monitoring strength that to exporting a toy Yuan Fucai expects. Main to Jiangsu former company of complementary makings production undertakes investigating trying to find out the real intention, carry out examine guard a pass to the path before exporting toy company outspread with former the system that complementary feed business enters in the records to be united in wedlock, supervise and urge the business is carrying out exit toy strictly while Yuan Fucai makings checks and accept a system, the safe and wholesome item that takes measure aggrandizement to expect to Yuan Fucai especially the control of content of poisonous and harmful material, in order to ensure exit toy Yuan Fucai expects quality.
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