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Hubei saves quality technology supervisory bureau to begin food and effectivenes
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Hubei saves quality technology supervisory bureau to enhance attestation effectiveness in effort, strengthen attestation to supervise on outstanding key, firm is caught fulfil, the effectiveness of food company attestation that passes to 111 is finished first half of the year after the examination, the environmental attestation effectiveness of the chemical business that began lake of pair of edge rivers, edge again August begins supervisory inspection.

The attestation effectiveness this year is checked, be society and common people care mainly, the food that the government pays close attention to and environmental protection respect, especially the chemical enterprise of blowdown of lake of edge river, edge, hubei province pledges inspect bureau adopts province, city to form examination group jointly, senior auditor regards the country that every examination matched stack has the environment runs a system as the expert, in the meantime, every inspection team invites an attestation to approbate social obligation supervisor to attend an examination.

Pass the inspection of pair of enterprise attestation effectiveness, promoted company system to move continuously effective, satisfy the requirement of attestation standard, be improved ceaselessly and enhance the effectiveness that the system moves, in the meantime, to the normative sex of the orgnaization of attestation is engaged in in Hubei churchyard, just sex gathered detailed information, to strengthening attestation orgnaization supervise had favorable effect. (supervisory bureau of technology of Hubei province quality)