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The country adopts inspect appoint hold the 3rd period " in work overtime smallh
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Came 19 days on August 12, identify inspect by the country appoint with " China - Canadian young farmer gets used to global market to develop " project office holds jointly the 3rd period " in work overtime smallholder project China western " hold in Chengdu of Beijing and Sichuan respectively. Come from China western medicines and chemical reagents of 13 qualitative check that visit town, wholesome, agriculture, food is superintended etc 4 systems detect 35 times 54 student of the orgnaization attended to groom.

The content that grooms this includes: The chloromycetin in food kind much remain of medicaments incomplete allowance detects remain of medicaments of ketone of Nuo of the Kui in technology, food measures many remain to detect quantity of remain of pesticide of the many constituent in technology, food detects sweet element detects in technology, liquor the tantalum in technology, food. Groom the teacher still had lab of laboratory security, food technology of biology of system of definite list of control of quality of quality management, microbial lab, Japan, contemporary element examines in food the intellectual lecture such as medium application.

Groom after the end, student was obtained by Canada young farmer gets used to global project and country to identify inspect appoint the letter of complete a course that signs jointly. Groom this cross a branch, cross a region, groom content was introduced manage advancedly domestic and internationally and technical knowledge, included a lab to start work actually of the operation groom, content is rich and practical, student feels gains is very big generally. Should groom the project is safe to strengthening national provision, promotion our country especially western area food installs all inspection check to detect the port with drive branch and communication of ground interval technology and collaboration to have level, principal. (the country adopts ministry of room of inspect actually check)