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Ccc attestation " the contribution that attestation approves pair of countryman
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A few days ago, shanghai quality manages scientific academy to assume " 15 " national science and technology tackles key problem plan priority discipline " attestation approbates crucial technology research and set an example " task 2 " the contribution that attestation approves pair of countryman economy and social progress studies " check and accept the conference to be held in Shanghai beforehand. Check and accept expert group to manage by counselor of the State Council Professor Lang Zhizheng, Nanjing beforehand the composition of scholar of many 20 expert such as work college Professor Feng Xiangyuan. The country adopts inspect appoint Liu Zhuohui vice director attends the meeting and speak.

Evaluation is met on, shanghai quality managed Tang Xiaofen of group leader of group of scientific academy dean, task to make task working report above all. Wait for a respect from experience of essentials of task setting, job, results, since introducing task project approving in the round, research of nearly two years makes progress and study positive result. Shanghai quality manages Jin Guojiang of scientific academy assistant dean to do overall research to report, the potential contribution that the macroscopical contribution that from the task research setting and meaning, main content and technical course, attestation approves action expression and mechanism, attestation, attestation approves the contribution that develops to the society, attestation and policy suggest to wait for 8 respects, introduced achievement of the research content of the task, innovation and crucial technology in detail.

After delegate attending the meeting is listening to task group to introduce, to the research of task group the job gave out high evaluation, think this task research is a big task that initiates precedent, be from do not have a some research, had not done congener research domestic and internationally, difficulty is very big, significant, valuable, task group is adopted in index, build model, ration to calculate, the respect such as qualitative analysis has very big innovation. Subsequently, representing are limitted from train of thought of the overall frame of the task, research, concept, rate of research mechanism, contribution is calculated wait for a respect, offerred a lot of opinions and proposal.

Finally, liu Zhuohui vice director undertook summing up to checking and accept the conference this beforehand, affirmed the research positive result that task group place obtains adequately, hope task group can undertake rectify and reform and be perfectinged according to expert opinion and proposal as soon as possible, so that had made sufficient preparation, those who meet a task is formal check and accept. (the country adopts inspect appoint science and technology and standard government department)