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CCC attestation - certificate of first traffic product certification is issued
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On September 21, center of traffic product certification is handed in to hold first traffic product certification to promulgate in Beijing in card ceremony, to obtaining the river of distant of Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas of traffic product certification petrifaction branch and carat Ma depended on petrifaction branch to issue road to use letter of bitumen product certification. Huang Xianyao of undersecretary of the Ministry of Communication, country adopts inspect appoint the concerned leader such as Liu Zhuohui attended the vice director to promulgate card ceremony. Promulgate this of card ceremony hold, indicating traffic product is simple the change of quantity management pattern and promotion, with international current quality management fashion conforms.

Promulgate card ceremonially, liu Zhuohui vice director combines situation of work of quality of latter our country, emphasized product quality and attestation recognizing working value, emphasized carrying out the importance of traffic product certification and pressing sex in traffic industry. She points out, traffic product is the base that traffic construction and traffic carry, matter to the quality that traffic capital works and traffic carry directly, matter to the personal interest of people, matter to the figure of traffic industry, hope product of other liaison man produces an enterprise to be example with Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas, introduce product certification system actively, the accords with satisfaction of requirement of safe, environmental protection, customer product with ask according to attestation production goes out more, better, the traffic industry standard that urges our country develops in order.

Huang Xianyao's undersecretary emphasizes, the the Ministry of Communication takes traffic product quality seriously to work very much all the time, the the Ministry of Communication is national attestation approbates department time one of units of joint meeting member, approve concerned code and requirement according to national attestation, built public opinion of government sector guidance, society to supervise, attestation orgnaization is carried out, detect the mechanism of job of traffic product certification that the orgnaization sustains. He hopes, various traffic is in charge of a branch to carry actual condition of management according to traffic construction and traffic, in traffic infrastructure construction, road is carried and waterage market is superintended, quality of safe safeguard, project is checked and accept, energy-saving decrease platoon, invite public bidding and purchase, the respect such as environmental protection is adopted actively and apply result of traffic product certification, preferential choose the traffic product that acquires attestation, create good policy and market environment for attestation product.

Road regards bitumen as the main raw material of road surface with bitumen, be applied extensively in highway construction, the stand or fall of its quality affects project quality directly, especially the wear of road surface and security. The branch of distant river petrifaction that place of Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas belongs to and carat Ma depend on petrifaction branch, the bitumen that is megaton produces a business, it is the manufacturing base of bitumen of domestic excellent way, the product that obtains evidence this is respectively 70, 110 90 date, road use pitch. The industry that obtain evidence expresses, will abide by regulation of traffic product certification henceforth, strengthen product quality to manage, offer high grade product for highway construction ceaselessly, satisfied liaison man builds the need of the market. (the country adopts inspect appoint attestation ministry)
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