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The country adopts inspect appoint attestation of director Sun Dawei, China appr
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, the country adopts inspect appoint attestation of director Sun Dawei, China approbates association chairman Wang Fengqing to inspect center of Chinese certificate of quality (CQC) , china examines attestation (group) Li Huailin of limited company president makes the job report on behalf of leading group of center of former China certificate of quality, china examines attestation (group) Zhu Junmin of Liu Shengming of limited company president, secretary attended working meeting.

Wang Fengqing chairman looked carefully at environment of attestation center office seriously, worker of kind and condolatory cadre understands the measure of post duty and convenient client to the staff member. After listening to CQC job to report, wang Fengqing chairman introduced attestation to approbate point of job of association near future to personnel attending the meeting, emphasize flow of the member that want normative attestation person and attestation market competition. Chairman points out Wang Fengqing, CQC is guided a few this years in Comrade Li Huailin below, solidarity, struggle difficultly, development innovation, adopted carry out complete member appoint to a position is made and performance assessment system, establish minute of center, carry out the application on the net and " one-stop " the service numerous initiate sexual act, overcame " SARS " wait for a lot of difficulty with CCC attestation height, came true from do not have have, by small greaten span type develops, no matter be development dimensions, first what still send card amount to reside home to travel together, and working standard, quality whole level is higher, CQC already became the main force of Chinese attestation industry.

When the development that speaks of future, chairman says Wang Fengqing, total bureau leading Party group stands in the height of national interest, the long-term development of attestation of international of have sth in mind, group of the check in deciding to be opposite and attestation center conformity recombine, it is new development opportunity to CQC, personnel and business increase further, service network is farther perfect, dimensions expands further, actual strength increases further.

For this, wang Fengqing chairman puts forward to asked at 3 o'clock: It is to want thought understanding to reach the designated position. Everybody should comprehend total bureau leading Party group deeply this great and decision-making far-reaching meaning, certain from talk politics, stress Party character, tell the principle, height that discusses overall situation, the height that enterprise of the interest that stands in the country, qualitative check develops is known and treat this to recombine, carry out seriously carry out recombine reform to work each decision. 2 it is to should be in cherish today while, pay attention to development and innovation. The development of attestation career and CQC obtains today's achievement hard-earned, cherish today but cannot protect today, do not talk to go up otherwise development. Must seize the moment that this reform recombines, develop innovation ceaselessly, take a series of cogent and significant new move, tide of follow closely international and Chinese situation, be in lead position from beginning to end in competing domestic and internationally. 3 it is to should continue to improve quality of working kimono Wu. CQC represents the level of Chinese attestation industry, its work and the stand or fall that takes Wu quality affects whole industry and China to be in directly the figure of international attestation domain. As the addition of the amplification of dimensions and personnel, CQC management difficulty is increased, otherwise breaks innovation train of thought, perfect responsibility is found out and system of rewards and punishment, accomplish a service from beginning to end quality is top-ranking, working quality is top-ranking, attestation quality is top-ranking.
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