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Quality of product certification factory makes sure ability asks
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The appropriate level that 4.4.5 generator are producing undertakes examining to the product, in order to ensure product and component and attestation sample are consistent.

4.5 routine examine and affirm examine

Generator should be made and maintain a file to the routine that change examines and affirm checking program, satisfy formulary requirement with product of test and verify. Should include to examine in checking program project, content, method, decide etc. Should save examine record. Specific routine examines and affirm examine the requirement should be satisfied " freewill sex product certification is special requirement " regulation.

Routine examines is the final phase opposite that producing those who produce on-line product to undertake 100% examine, after examining normally, except pack and add outside sticking label, machine further no longer.

The after classics routine examines qualification that affirms examining is to be test and verify to the product accords with a standard to ask continuously and undertake is tasted in random sample basis examines the file undertakes examine.

4.6. examines experiment instrument equipment

Use at the equipment that examine and experiments to answer fixed calibration and examination, examine with what what ask, power of test is consistent. The instrument equipment that examine and experiments is due operating rules.

4.6.1 calibration and calibrating

The product that is used at fixing a production accords with those who set a requirement to examine the cycle that test equipment should press a regulation (annual at least one) undertake calibration or calibrating, . Calibration or calibrating should trace to the source to country or international fiducial. To proper motion calibration (exemple a few appropriative test equipment) , should provide calibration means, check and accept criterion and calibration cycle to wait. The calibration condition of equipment should be used convenient identifying to reach administrator.

Should build examine the calibration record that the platform credit of equipment saves facility.

4.6.2 moving examinations

Outside undertaking be operatinged daily checking to answering with the equipment that examines at routine examines and affirming, still should undertake moving checking. When should discovering moving examination cannot satisfy a regulation to ask as a result, should the product that date from reachs to already had detected. When necessary, answer these products to undertake detecting afresh. Should set operation personnel to require adopted step when discovering equipment function lapse.

The measure such as moving examination result and adopted adjustment should be recorded.

The control of 4.7 reject

Generator should build reject to control a process, the label method that content should include reject, segregation and deal with reach those who adopt correct, precautionary measures. The product after classics repair, do poorly done work over again should detect afresh. Counterpoise wants a part or the repair of package should make corresponding record. Should save pair of reject deal with record.
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