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Place of CQC organic product certification wants file detailed list (apian breed
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Place of organic product certification wants file detailed list (apian breed aquatics and bee product) CQC/PDC102-2006 (the 1st edition, edit the 1st times) Applicant full name: ______________________________ Chief (legal person) (sign, affix one's seal)________________ Product category: _________________________________ Application date _________Year_______Month_________Day Center of Chinese certificate of quality
CQCPlace of organic product certification wants file data detailed list (apian breed aquatics and bee product) Serial number File name Remarks The applicant is basic status data 1 Photocopy of applicant business charter, origanization construction code, wholesome licence 2 The pond, person that land is rented must be offerred contract contract book 3 The case that banned material did not use inside 3 years when the area of plant of sweet pink source of bee colony place has a government to be issued about the branch proves 4 If use the management pattern of base of + of enterprise + farmer, organic farm should provide base chief and organic breed aquatics door between what signed organic breed aquatics contract book (include beehive number, breed variety, breed norms to wait) (the delegate that agrees with CQC and CQC accredit and applicant undertake to the farm spot examination and quality are supervised; Breed aquatics bee product dealership belongs to applicant, the product after culturist must not be harvested soon oneself serves as organic / sale of organic changeover product. ) 5 Carry the item of attestation of other attestation orgnaization, provide certificate or attestation result advice note or inspector report; Cooperate so project, the cooperation that offers each to just be signed please agreement Ⅱ quality manages manual 6 Company brief introduction applies for an enterprise to must build organic food to produce quality management system, this manual should include guiding principle of afore-mentioned battalion of already of content look forward to and target company at least the guiding principle of organic production quality of enterprise of organic production plan and plan of origanization construction of quality target company are business management personnel, internal the responsibility of personnel and attributive are in-house related censor and other the examination dogs examine record management client explain
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