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Quality of product certification factory makes sure ability asks
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Examine and verify of 4.8 in-house quality

Generator should build the course of in-house quality examine and verify that the file changes, ensure the consistency of the effectiveness of quality system and attestation product, record result of in-house examine and verify.

Do not accord with what the standard asks to complain to the product especially to the complaining of generator, should save a record, should regard the information of in-house quality examine and verify as the input.

To the problem that discovers in examine and verify, should adopt correct and precautionary measures, have a record.

The consistency of 4.9 attestation product

Generator should produce the consistency of product and the product with type eligible experiment to undertake controlling to batch, in order to make attestation product accords with formulary requirement continuously.

Generator should make a key yuan the detailed list of parts of an apparatus, component, make clear their supplier, material is qualitative

Generator should build product linchpin yuan the change that the influence product such as parts of an apparatus and material, structure accords with formulary requirement element controls a process, the change of attestation product (the consistency that affects the accordance with relative standard or type experiment prototype possibly) in carry out forward attestation orgnaization is declared win approval rear executable.

4.10.Pack, carry and store

Plant institute undertakes any packing, carry operate and store the environment should not affect a product to accord with formulary level requirement.

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