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Quality of product certification factory makes sure ability asks
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B) ensures add stick mandatory attestation indicates / the requirement that the product that attestation indicates accords with attestation standard;
C) declares the change that involves safety performance of the product that obtain evidence in time to attestation orgnaization;
D) is in charge of the thing with attestation orgnaization contact and harmonious attestation respect;
E) builds the course that the file changes, the appropriate that ensures attestation indicates keeps and use;
F) builds the course that the file changes, ensure to affirm without attestation orgnaization after reject and change of the product that obtain evidence, do not add stick mandatory attestation indicates / attestation mark;

Attestation contact engineer (or contact member) should be familiar with attestation business, its duty is to assist quality to assure chief and matters concerned of attestation of attestation orgnaization contact.

4.1.2 resource

Generator should be deployed must manufacturing facilities and examine the product demand that equipment accords with attestation standard with satisfying stable production; Should provide corresponding manpower resource, ensure the personnel that pursues influential to product quality job has necessary capacity; Build and carry appropriate product production, examine experiment, store wait for necessary environment.

4.2 files and record

4.2.1 generator should be built, the quality plan that carries the attestation product that the file turns or similar file, and the file that be run to ensure the relevant process of product quality is effective and controls need. Quality plan should include products plan target, implementation process, detect the regulation that reachs concerned resource, and after the product obtains evidence, be opposite the change of the product that obtain evidence (standard, craft, crucial etc) , the use of the mark administers the regulation that wait.

Products plan standard or standard should be quality plan among them a content, its ask to answer not to ask under the national level that concerns this product.

The program that 4.2.2 generator should be built and carries a file to change has effective control with the file that asks to the article and data. These control should ensure:
Before A) file is released, mix change should approve by accredit person, in order to ensure its suitabiltiy;
Of B) file change and edit condition gets discriminating, the blame that avoids dead file anticipates use;
C) ensures the effective version that can obtain corresponding document in use place.

The label that 4.2.3 generator should be built and holds the quality record that the file spends, store, the document that keep and handles changes a course, quality is recorded should clear, complete the evidence that accords with formulary requirement in order to serve as a product.

Generator should save undermentioned record at least:
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