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Quality of product certification factory makes sure ability asks
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This file is the requirement that quality of factory of CQC product certification assures ability, include pair of attestation products examine the requirement of requirement and manufactory quality system, accord with national attestation standard in order to assure the attestation product that its produce and be in with type experiment prototype the consistency inside formulary rate. This file is the product achieves product security attestation certificate and the condition that allow to use attestation mark to should be had, it is acceptable lowermost level. Be like those who have special demand, by " freewill sex product certification is special requirement " in concerned regulation is carried out.


2.1 applicants

Apply for the organization that product certification registers.

2.2 hold a witness

The organization of certificate of hold product certification.

Note: The applicant is called before obtaining evidence, after obtaining evidence, call hold a witness.

2.3 generator (manufacturer)

Executive quality system, control the organization that attestation product produces.

2.4 manufacturers / manufactory / processing factory ()

Show to attestation the product undertakes be constructionaled finally mixing / or examine and the place that use attestation indicates.

3 general principles

Generator should build the effective ground that satisfies this file to the file that place of the 4th chapter asks changes quality system and make to move, and the capacity that has batch to produce the product that accords with attestation standard requirement. Annual to the examine and verify of attestation product generator at least one (decide according to the steady state of attestation product category and production) , go up in order to make sure will necessary routine and program maintain in acceptable level. During undertaking supervisory checking to generator, should prototype of draw-out attestation product and / or component undertakes examining, with test and verify the accordance of its and attestation standard agrees with type experiment prototype.

When the circumstance of the accordance that endangers product and attestation standard possibly when discovery, can increase supervisory frequency second.

4 quality system

4.1 duty and resource

4.1.1 duty

Generator should set the duty of of all kinds personnel that concerns with quality activity and correlation, and the interior that organizes in its appoints a quality to assure chief and engineer of an attestation contact (or contact member) . Quality makes sure chief should be a member in constituent management layer, should have sufficient ability competence own job. No matter its are in other side duty how, should have the duty of the following respect and limits of authority: A) is in charge of building the quality system that satisfies this file requirement, ensure be applied actually and maintain;
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