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Place of CQC organic product certification wants file detailed list (apian breed
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The processing that the client complains: Complained processing technique; The finishing method that complaint handling records; The investigation that complains a reason, correct reach precautionary measuresEducation, groom regulations: Education, groomed content, purpose and plan; Participate in groom of personnel assessLot number manages regulations: The content that lot number manages and methodHarmless change processing operating rules 15 The breed breed, proof document that buys bee to plant (buy receipt, blame to turn gene seedling is planted the proof) or breeding record Apian breed aquatics records organic feed (honey, gooey) purchase a record (specification of business of name of date, feed, production, contact, amount, product) feed uses a record (name of time, feed, amount, origin, method) raise management to record plant diseases and insect pests prevention and cure is recorded (place is used Sale receipt / carriage notes of notes of bill results, sale and carriage tool cleanness are recordedⅣ bee product processes a business 16 Organic honey origin proves material 17 Employee is healthy (check-up) prove Xerox 18 The situation of processing factory seat pursues (city or county / the administrative plan of countryside, indicate position of villages and towns of processing factory place) , reach circumjacent industry indicates to pollute source position inside 5 kilometers limits 19 Plan of processing factory district, job shops distributings reach segregation state location drawing of graph, equipment 20 Graph of treatment technological process 21 Environment of nearly 3 years monitors environmental protection section report (air, water quality, soil) 22 The method of the quarantine that receive money of the processing factory, standard reachs the processing technique of rejected product Operating rules 23 The sanitation of processing factory of regulations of government of keep in storage that organic honey purchases product of operating rules clears, the reject of work out method that the processing technique of disinfection and litter processes order of process product batch each is harmless change regulations of processing regulations delivery of cargo from storage: Primary treatment (filter, sterilization, pack) hind the examination method before organic product delivery of cargo from storage and standard; The processing technique of rejected product; The process equipment maintenance of delivery of cargo from storage, clean reach sanitation government regulations (of equipment use around sweep, those who clean method, equipment to maintain sterilization of method, processing factory to disinfect inside and outside of method, factory and relevant establishment is insect-resistant the method that prevent rat) interior checks regulations (the executive plan of in-house examination, Product of record of carriage tool disinfection is carried, store, file of treatment, sale and record product carry a record (date of name of carriage tool, time, product, batch, amount)
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