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Place of CQC organic product certification wants file detailed list (apian breed
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Ⅲ Apian breed aquatics 7 Breed base to ascend invoice (include legal person to represent full name, fraction field controller full name, breed breed, area to wait) 8 Breed base constituent administration pursues 9 Organic breed aquatics a list (full name, address, breed breed, raise kind, breed dimensions to wait) 10 Area of plant of sweet pink source (Campagna) 5 kilometers, (a mountainous area) of 3 kilometers limits have environmental protection department nearly 3 years the environmental report that monitor and administrative plan, indicate position of source of circumjacent industry pollution 11 Sketch map of buy of beehive place v/arc be on the throne and report of circumjacent environment evaluation (whether be far from groovy farm, turn source of pollution of gene crop and industry, life) 12 Apian breed aquatics basic flow chart 13 The place in production buys feed and the proof sex document of all sorts of curative content (buy receipt, product to explain) 14 Organic breed breeds or introduce regulations (the make choice of of breed and if need to offer for artificial breed,breed a method) Bee of operating rules breeds technical operating rules: The choice such as bee field, breed, bee colony; Of bee colony examination, bee colony amalgamative; Bee machines and tools chooses; Method of prevention and cure of plant diseases and insect pests; Organic raise kind change excessive raw material organic bee product produces operating rules: Of honey, royal jelly, bee pollen collect closePut in storage of product of raw material bee reachs custodial regulations: Arrive from base of the processing factory carry a method; The method of the examination that receive money of the processing factory, standard; The processing technique of qualification and product of bee of unqualified raw material; The work out of date of batch of product of raw material bee methodProduct of raw material bee machines regulations: Filter, sterilization, pack wait to machine operation method simply; Each link avoids treatment process contaminative measure; The work out method of date of batch of product of each treatment processRegulations of delivery of cargo from storage: Primary treatment (filter, sterilization, pack) hind the examination method before organic product delivery of cargo from storage and standard; The processing technique of rejected product; Delivery of cargo from storage programEquipment maintenance, clean reach sanitation government regulations: Of equipment use around sweep, clean a method; Equipment maintains a method; Processing factory sterilization disinfects a method; What factory inside and outside reachs relevant establishment is insect-resistant the method that prevent ratInterior checks regulations: The executive plan of in-house examination; The responsibility of in-house censor and attributive; Discover the processing measure when the problem
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