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Leapfrog happy event obtains CCC attestation certificate to get run Chinese chil
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Leapfrog (China) Cheng Xiaodan of general manager of limited company of educational science and technology expresses on the meeting: "Each product considered leapfrog security, wholesome sex, each product has the function that has intellective development and education to children, each place is designed more contain is worn the infinite care to the child. Current, leapfrog has Chinese children to teach the office room with the largest trade and center of independent research and development, holding to propose the study means that is full of fun and concept of diversity intelligence education, will continue to increase Chinese market to popularize strength and this locality to turn devotion of product research and development. As what the whole world precedes beneficial wisdom teachs a product to produce business, leapfrog general changes the advanced concept that photograph of education form a complete set combines through technical innovation and this locality, creation lets the child love, the educational product of parental accredit and teacher praise highly, the inchoate education open that will be Chinese children a brand-new times. The inchoate education open that will be Chinese children a brand-new times..

CCIC-CAS emphasized carrying out a country to toy product on the meeting about the leader mandatory the principal port of attestation, remind broad consumer preference to buy the product that contains "CCC" attestation sign; Point out, leapfrog passes attestation smoothly, produced active industry to set an example not only action, also will arouse children to teach product practitioner to take seriously safely to children product highly at the same time, make millions upon millions children avoids the accident harm that insecure product brings! Take product safety seriously, take an active part in relevant attestation, one kind also be enterprise society responsibility is reflected.

About leapfrog

Leapfrog company (new York card meets a code: LF) it is in innovation concept, high-tech learns product, content design, development and run the company that waits for a domain to be in lead position, devote oneself to to let a whole world each age Duan Hai child experience in family and school study efficient with fun. Leapfrog company held water 1995, the Emeryville city of California of headquarters locate United States, more than 1000 stuff are had in the whole world, all set agency in and other places of England, Mexico, France, Hong Kong. The leapfrog product that obtains special honour of American consumer goods repeatedly exceeds 35 countries to undertake in the whole world with 6 kinds of languages respectively retail. 2006, the professional personage that leapfrog company teachs Yo respect in numerous China (educational expert, professional media and industry operator) below the help, built Chinese subsidiary jointly, do one's best brings China the child advanced educational science and technology and concept, make them true experience fun in study. More information visits Www.leapfrog.cn of leapfrog Chinese website please
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