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Toy CCC Jiangsu examines toy of exit of quarantine bureau aggrandizement superin
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5 it is with registering the enterprise that register is grasper, strengthen the control that machines a dot to exporting a toy. When executive toy produces an enterprise to register the examine and verify that register, exit toy production company divides packet of square control (outside hair treatment is nodded) include crucial working procedure reference point, the aggrandizement evaluation to purchasing link and management, prevent occurrence blank spot. Supervise and urge pay close attention to enterprise that register to send a product to be executed by the regulation external superintend effectively, put an end to exit toy to be finished in treatment dot stoutly carry the condition that packs direct shipment, once discover,register the enrollment that stops a company instantly the qualification.

6 it is the basis is followed " urgent announcement " those who allot " exit toy quality is permitted (register register) executive detailed rules " (try out) and " quality of company of exit toy production is permitted (register register) examine and verify asks " (try out) requirement, the retraining that has caught complete province actively to export team of toy examine and verify works. Hold class of evaluation Training Within Industry as soon as possible, cover personnel of every toy examine and verify, raise the ability of examine and verify of personnel of examine and verify and vocational level further.

7 it is a basis " urgent announcement " spirit, continue to hold to examine and verify evasive system. Exit toy company registers evaluation, uniform execute select of ground of different of group leader of examine and verify to make, execute a group leader to be in charge of making, to in full charge of quality of job of whole examine and verify. Superintendency branch of province bureau attestation is timely to concerning activity of examine and verify undertake the spot is supervised and selective examination examine and verify.

8 it is to strengthen the follow-up that registers the business that register to already was being obtained to superintend, establish the lasting effect mechanism that assures to export toy quality. Jiangsu bureau examines and attestation superintendency branch will classify administrative grade according to the enterprise, undertake complete element or the year of key having side supervise an examination jointly, undertake to giving a toy cycle detects regularly, in moving to the product quality problem of discovery and system do not accord with rectify and reform requirement company within a definite time, discover serious problem or break the law violate compasses act, will stop its to register register. (Jiangsu examines quarantine bureau)

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