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Mark of CCC compulsive attestation extends administrative program
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2, buy a mark

Buy a program: The applicant should hold classics examine and verify to not have by accident " buy mark requisition " buy to the mark place buy a mark. Type personnel to be not had through classics examine and verify by accident " requisition " undertake typing to applicant and the specific content that buy a mark, print set out put mark detail sheet.

Type personnel duty: Type personnel to should abide by a regulation strictly, do not have to classics examine and verify only by accident the applicant undertakes indicating extend. Answer in typing a process " requisition " each content undertakes accurate without by accident type.

3, financial business accounting

Business accounting program: The applicant should be held extend mark detail sheet undertakes to finance affairs business accounting makes a money. The order is signed on detail sheet after gathering of financial personnel business accounting, have enter an item in an account to detail sheet and open bill.

Financial personnel duty: Financial personnel should abide by financial institution strictly.

4, the mark that get

Program: The mark that get is in to pick up the goods after applicant classics business accounting makes a money.

Deliver goods personnel duty: Deliver goods personnel should do good discrepancy library in time to register, daily have check, report be in short supply in time, the circumstance of filling goods.

The 2nd network applies for
The network applies for to basically include block of the six ministries in feudal China:
1, examine and verify: The applicant undertakes the network applies for also must indicate to CCC attestation the management center undertakes examine and verify first, content of examine and verify and proper motion are bought identical. Examine and verify is not had by accident junior travel is registered.

2, register: The applicant goes to management center of CCC attestation mark to undertake the network is registered through relevant procedures is being maintained after examine and verify reach confirm the identity, buy network key.

3, order on the net: After the applicant is registered, can go up in the net directly through means is being ordered on the net (Www.cnca.gov.cn) fill in " buy mark requisition " undertake indicating buying.

4, accept: The applicant fills in on the net " requisition " hind, in CCC attestation mark management center undertakes accepting, affirm the applicant buys the specific content of the mark, undertake extending.

5, financial business accounting: Financial personnel buys the capital of the mark to arrive after account via checking an applicant, extend personnel undertakes extending to the mark.

6, mail sends piece: Deliver goods the personnel requirement according to the applicant (smooth mail, express) send an applicant the sign.
4. 4. The use of the mark is supervised
4. 4. 1. The mark that CCC attestation indicates the management center supplies the plant that obtain evidence to attestation orgnaization regularly buys a situation, when so that attestation orgnaization is in,be being checked to obtaining card factory to undertake dogging, the use that indicates to its and management undertake supervisory.
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