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Toy kind product (baby toy kind product) 3C attestation (CCC)- factory quality m
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6.Examine experiment instrument equipment
The 6.1 products that are used at fixing a production accord with those who set a requirement to examine experiment instrument equipment, should undertake calibrating by formulary cycle / calibration, ensure contented examine requirement of power of test.
Calibrating of 6.2 proper motion / of calibration examine experiment instrument equipment, due the calibration method with file reasonable, effective regulation, check and accept criterion and calibration cycle, carry out by the regulation.
Calibrating of 6.3 proper motion / calibration personnel should possess corresponding qualification;
The calibrating of 6.4 instruments equipment / calibration condition should be gone to the lavatory to identify, calibrating / calibration record should give save.

7.The control of reject
The 7.1 files that should be built and hold reject change control course, the program should include the label of reject, segregation, evaluation and the method that deal with, and adopt when necessary correct, precautionary measures.
The product after 7.2 pairs of do poorly done work over again, repair should be pressed examine file requirement examines afresh.
7.3 should save pair of reject deal with record.

8.The consistency of attestation product
The factory should build the file of attestation product consistency to change control course, the attestation product that ensures batch is produced should be in undermentioned a few respects undertake consistency is controlled, in order to ensure attestation product accords with formulary requirement continuously.
The nameplate of 1) attestation product, manual and the product name that bag mount indicates, norms and model, caution explains.
The structure of 2) attestation product.
The key of 3) attestation product former / complementary material, component.
The structure of 4) attestation product, crucial former / the change of complementary material, component is controlled. The product of influence and attestation standard requirement and consistency of type experiment prototype changes any likelihoods, should be declared to attestation orgnaization before carry out and win approval rear executable.

9.Pack, carry and store
Plant institute undertakes any packing, carry operate and store the environment should not affect a product to accord with formulary level requirement.

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