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Toy kind product (baby toy kind product) 3C attestation (CCC)- factory quality m
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The factory should save the choice evaluation to the supplier and day-to-day government notes.
Of 3.2 crucial component and material examine / test and verify
The factory should be built and carry the crucial component that provides to the supplier and data examine or the program of test and verify, should include to examine at least in the program project, method, frequency second and decide criterion. In order to ensure crucial component and material satisfy the requirement that attestation place sets.
Of crucial component and material examine can undertake by the factory, also can finish by the supplier. When examining by the supplier, the factory should examine to what the supplier puts forward to make clear requirement, examine to undertake test and verify as a result to its.
The factory should save a key component and material examine or record of test and verify, affirm examine the eligible proof that record and supplier offer and about examine to wait as a result.

4.Process of product development, production is controlled and examine
Development of 4.1 toys product should press the requirement of corresponding attestation standard to undertake, get necessary test and verify, affirm.
4.2 factories should undertake discriminating to crucial production process, crucial working procedure operates personnel to should have corresponding capacity, when if this working procedure does not have a file to stipulate unwarrantable product is simple,be being measured, should make corresponding craft file, make manufacturing process controlled.
In process of 4.3 products production if be opposite,ambient conditions has a demand. The factory should make sure working environment satisfies formulary requirement.
4.4 when necessary, the factory should undertake monitoring to appropriate process parameter and item characteristics.
4.5 factories should be built and maintain the system that has care and maintenance to producing equipment.
The appropriate level that 4.6 factories are producing undertakes examining to the product, in order to ensure product and crucial component and attestation sample keep consistent.

5.Routine examines and affirm examine
The factory should be made and maintain a file to the routine that change examines and affirm checking program, examine to routine examines and affirming have plan and control, satisfy formulary requirement with product of test and verify. Should include to examine in the program project, method, frequency second, decide etc, should save examine record.
Routine examines is the final phase opposite that producing those who produce on-line product to undertake 100% examine, after examining normally, except pack and add outside using label, machine further no longer.
Affirm examining is the sampling inspection that accords with a standard to ask to undertake continuously for product of test and verify.
Routine examines and affirm examining requirement to see subordinate list 2 concerned regulations. Affirm examine the smallest frequency second it is every unit 1 times / year.
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