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Toy kind product (baby toy kind product) 3C attestation (CCC)- factory quality m
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The standard that in implementing regulation to make sure the attestation product that batch produces is satisfied continuously, sets asks, the factory should satisfy the quality that this file provides to assure the requirement of ability.

1.Duty and resource
1.1 duty
The factory should set the duty of of all kinds personnel that concerns with quality activity and correlation, and the factory should appoint chief of a quality inside the organization, no matter this member is in the duty of other side how, should have the duty of the following respect and limits of authority: A) is in charge of building the quality system that satisfies this file requirement, ensure be applied actually and maintain; B) ensures the product that adds Shi Jiang to make sexual attestation indicate accords with the requirement of attestation standard; C) builds a file to change a course, ensure attestation certificate is used correctly with the mark, and appropriate is custodial; D) builds the course that the file changes, ensure to after obtaining reject and attestation product, attestation product to change, affirm without attestation orgnaization, do not add Shi Jiang to make sexual attestation indicate.
Quality controller should have sufficient ability competence own job.
1.2 resource
The factory should deploy necessary production equipment and examine equipment (specific requirement sees subordinate list 1) the product that accords with attestation standard requirement in order to satisfy stable production; Should provide corresponding manpower resource, ensure the personnel that pursues influential to product quality job has necessary capacity; Build and carry appropriate toy product production, examine, store wait for necessary environment.

2. File and record
The program that 2.1 factories should be built and carries a file to change has effective control with the file that asks to this file and data. These control should ensure: Before A) file is released, mix change should approve by accredit person, in order to ensure its suitabiltiy; Of B) file change and edit condition gets discriminating, the blame that avoids dead file anticipates use; C) ensures the effective version that can obtain corresponding document in use place.
The label that 2.2 factories should be built and holds quality record, store, the document that keep and handles changes a course, quality is recorded should clear, complete the evidence that accords with formulary requirement in order to serve as a product.
Quality records due and proper storage life.

3. Purchase and receiving inspection
The control of 3.1 suppliers
The choice of the supplier that the factory should make pair of crucial component and material, assess and the program that run daily, assure the production, capacity that supplies crucial component and material to satisfy a requirement in order to ensure the supplier is had.
The factory should ensure to crucial component and material are purchased in the supplier in course assess.
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