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CCC attestation requisition
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2) Make necessary arrangement to undertake evaluating, include to examine a document, enter all area, consult all records (include in-house examine and verify to report) what need staff with the evaluation (examine for example, examination, assess, supervise, answer judge) the concerned regulation that reconciles to be complained definitely;

3) Make the statement of concerned attestation inside the limits of permissive attestation only;

4) When result of use product certification, the reputation that must not damage CQC, must not do make (center of Chinese certificate of quality) think likelihood misdirect or the statement without accredit;

5) Be suspended when certificate or when cancel, answer to stop to involve the ad of attestation content instantly, ask to make an all attestation file by CQC;

6) Attestation is used at showing the product of permissive attestation accords with specific standard only;

7) Ensure the means that does not use misdirect is used or the part uses attestation certificate and report;

8) Transmitting the to product certification content adduction in media, should accord with the requirement of CQC.

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