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CCC attestation requisition
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We Declare That We Will Follow The Rules And Procedures Of TheCQC And Make Payment For The Fees Arising From The Application, testing, inspection And Other Services.

Accredit person signs an order / Authorized Signatory

Note / Notice:&Nbsp;

1.The applicant answers requisition one type is sent 2 timesCQCProduct (one, 2, 3, 4) place, him triplet files.

Mail address / Address: Ground of fragrant grass of area of Chinese Beijing rising sun on the west street 15

In be being used please, flower 2 kinds of characters fill in applicant, the name of manufactory and attestation product.

Two Copies Of This Application Form Is To Be Sent By The Applicant To TheCQC Product Certification Department. , and A Third Copy Should Be Filed By The Applicant.

CQC Mail Address: No.15 Fangcaodixijie Chaoyang DistrictBeijing 100020, China

Please Fill In The Names Of The Applicant, factories And Products To Be Certified In Both Chinese And English.

2.AboutCQCThe public document of product certification can be gotten through getting online, network address isHttp://WWW.CQC.COM.CN

Applicant acceptance

1) Abide by the concerned regulation of the arrangement that attestation plans from beginning to end;
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