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CB attestation requisition
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Other Information Of Value To The NCBs (such As Business License, catalogues, price Lists, advertising Material, informatory Pamphlets, lists Of Components Or Spare Parts, instructions For Maintenance And Repair, photographs, drawings, circuit Diagrams) Is Enclosed (preferably In Quadruplicate) And Is Listed Below:

The information with the valuable other that offers NCB (the enterprise registers Xerox, guideline of material of catalogue item, tariff, conduct propaganda, booklet, component or spare parts watch, maintenance, photograph, blueprint, circuitry pursues) as requisition accessory (one type 2)

We Declare That We Will Follow The Rules Of The CB Scheme And CQC’s Relevant Regulation And Procedure. And Make Payment For The Fees Arising From The Application, testing And Other Items Related To The Certification. CQC Will Not Be Held Liable For Any Responsibility That Should Be Taken By The Certified Manufacturer Of Sales Agent.

We state the regulation that is willing to abide CB system reachs the regular program of CQC. Pay place to require cost. Chinese quality center (any legal responsibility that CQC) will not assume the mill that acquires CB to check certificate or distributors agree to carry.
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