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Chinese attestation approbates association to hold seminar of level of quality m
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On January 27, chinese attestation sanctions guild (CCAA) seminar of level of quality management system is held in Beijing, the conference is chaired by unripe flying secretary-general.

Give birth to flying introduction, hold main purpose has seminar 4. It is the situation that understands the United States to carry out GB/T19001-2000; The 2 connotation that are accurate understanding standard, find out Sino-US between the differentia that understands to the standard, accurate hold the correlation between the clause; 3 it is to make teacher and auditor more accurate in attestation process the ground is tuitional with use standard, so that satisfy the need that attestation works continuously; 4 it is to pass the communication on delibrate knead dough, solve the doubt in executive ISO9000 process. He hopes to join conference representing to grasp this opportunity, the standard that encounters what encounter in the job with the likelihood understands a problem to undertake in time communicating, on the foundation of digestive understanding, will new information that the seminar acquires, new point of view, new thinking brings back an unit, take classroom, take attestation among the job, the industry is approbated to form a good academic atmosphere in attestation.

The conference invites company of American management system (AQS) Na Erxun of • of Fred of advisory, executive vice-president (Fred Nelson) the gentleman regards give a lecture as the honored guest, to domestic attestation orgnaization, groom orgnaization and the delegate of advisory orgnaization are close 100 more than person had the communication on schoolteaching knead dough. Delegate attending the meeting expresses in succession, seminar as a result of the person that give lessons seasoned the meticulous in a subtle way with the organizer, gained the success that comparative. The opportunity that speaks directly with foreign expert makes this second delibrate has specific aim more, also more press close to Chinese national condition, hope association continues to organize this kind of seminar, so that make attestation personnel of home understands international quality standard accurate and quickly to develop trends, serve to approbate a career at Chinese attestation better. (Chinese attestation sanctions guild)