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Attestation of system of management of Shanghai collaboration organization grind
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On September 6, entrust a country to identify inspect by Department of Commerce appoint hold, country of Chinese eligible assess approves committee assist the Shanghai collaboration organization that run manages systematic attestation to grind long class is in Beijing formally to kick off. Come from Kazakstan Si Tan, Jierjisi, Wu Ci Biekesitan, labour trade of Dajikesitan, environmental protection, statistic, standard, .

5 professional working groups established in succession after Shanghai collaboration organization holds water, technical code, standard and working group of eligible assess course are among them one of. The main goal of this working group and working content are to go up add up to advantage of the commerce between constituent member country to change construction.

It is reported, this seminar is to fulfil Hu Jintao of Chinese state chairman to was in Shanghai of A Sida accept to cooperate 2005 constituent peak announces on the meeting, for Shanghai collaboration organizes other member country to groom inside 3 years the main component that 1500 professional plan, also be delegacy of total bureau of national qualitative check at the same time in Shanghai collaboration organizes technical code, standard and eligible assess working group the 3rd times the commitment that makes on the conference, it is 2006-2007 of this working group year a very serious content in working plan. As we have learned, should grind repair class by a definite date 15 days, still will go to Guangzhou to develop spot activity. (news source: " times of Chinese country door " )