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Carry out study seventeen great mind is brought to development ceaselessly
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Party branch of office service center held Party member plenary meeting on November 14, union strengthens constituent construction to carry out seventeen great mind seriously. Zhang Yan of Party branch secretary makes the same score a comrade to think, organizing development is a when branch builds main task, party branch should strengthen the comrade that progresses to active demand to undertake fostering, want to strengthen thought education and theory study ceaselessly, act on the principle that maturity develops, to education of key of activist of young generation join or be admitted to the party, this branch still discusses seriously according to constituent program voted 2 preliminary Party members apply for to become a full member problem, ask central ensemble Party member and activist of join or be admitted to the party, want to strengthen academic knowledge study, the study that strengthens essence of pair of seventeen great mind is comprehended, raise oneself accomplishment, with Marxism-Lininism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and “ represent ” serious thought 3 times to arm oneself, height maintains to agree with the Party Central Committee on thought and action, carry out in study self-study should be strengthened on seventeen great mind, raise study consciousness, want to determine true study cause, should carry out in armed brains, guidance, solve a problem, drive working fluctuation time.

Current, identify inspect appoint each Party branch is pressing mechanism and subordinate unit the requirement organizes special subject study to discuss, forming respect of new thinking, new move to be discussed deep ceaselessly, everybody expresses consistently to want to be with seventeen great mind how-to, serious study comprehends essence of seventeen great mind deeply, implement scientific progress concept with acting actually to be carried out deep, new way is explored on division warden canal, ensure attestation recognizes working validity, stimulative attestation approbates a career to develop in the round, finish satisfactorily each work this year the task. (the country adopts inspect appoint office Party committee)

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