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The country adopts inspect appoint the concerned matters concerned that announce
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Hand-held is dynamoelectric the tool is mandatory the new edition standard with applicable attestation already was carried out formally on September 1, 2007. To assure mandatory of product certification system carry out effectively, according to " when editing about the standard mandatory the announcement of product certification concerned problem " medium concerned regulation, the country adopts inspect appoint issued announcement a few days ago, announced the report in involving CCC attestation to move tool product to carry out the concerned item of new edition standard and requirement.

Since September 1, 2007, each are concerned appoint attestation orgnaization, lab to must use new edition standard to carry out attestation, detect the job. The product of each company production, sale and entrance should accord with the requirement of new edition standard.

Because new edition standard and old edition standard are put in difference, to already carrying the type experiment, product obtaining evidence that has complete test report, holder of certificate of old edition standard should be carried out at new edition standard hind, dog the next time before the examination, to the application that assigns attestation orgnaization to put forward to trade certificate of attestation of standard of hair new edition, refer sample to have difference project detect and affirm, affirm to certificate of attestation of standard of hair new edition is traded by attestation orgnaization after qualification. Certificate changes the job to answer at be being finished before August 31, 2008. Still fail to obtain letter of attestation of new edition standard before certificate changes working date of expiration, attestation orgnaization should cancel his certificate of attestation of old edition standard.

Certificate of safe to carrying electrician product attestation (CCEE) , importer tastes safe quality clearance (CCIB) changeover obtains CCC attestation letter, and do not have whole CCC security the relevant and dynamoelectric tool that type experiment reports product, measure to make sure the product is simple, ensure of the integrality of attestation data and attestation result but date from sex, here second standard is changed when edition, must undertake complementing detecting according to new edition standard and want place to detect the data such as report and product description helps neat. Detailed content can land a country to identify inspect appoint inquiry of column of website archives announcement. (the country adopts inspect appoint the office)