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CQC factory checks main demand
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The works that the 6th factory should coordinate to finish attestation orgnaization to make examines mobile arrangement. To initiative factory examination, the factory should plan time to undertake the factory is checked by what agree with attestation orgnaization; To supervising an examination, the factory should accept the supervisory inspection of attestation orgnaization inside formulary deadline, in the meantime, attestation orgnaization can press international convention to undertake below the condition that does not notice beforehand the factory supervises an examination (if the flight is checked, special supervisory inspection) , the factory should give cooperate. Otherwise, attestation orgnaization has authority to suspend attestation certificate.
The 7th factory should allow censor to enter product certification place to all area that involve undertake sampling or be checked, tone reads concerned record and visit relevant personnel (if have special the area that needs to keep secret, should declare to attestation orgnaization) .
The project that the 8th factory should cooperate to check group of specific requirements according to product characteristic and factory to ask undertakes the spot assigns a test, the spot assigns a test is to checking group of circumstances that witness to fall, by factory arrangement relevant personnel is undertaken.
The 9th factory should cooperate to check group of consistency examinations that have a product, in check out procedure if involve,arrive to should arrange personnel to carry out to the overall plant that tear open solution.
The 10th is when factory examination, when if obtain evidence,having abhorrent case, the factory should explain actively to inspection team.
Eleventh when the product needs to sample, the factory should cooperate inspection team to undertake approved sample in the spot, the time that presses a regulation sends those who appoint to detect sample orgnaization.
Dozenth the factory should offer necessary job to go to the lavatory for censor.
Thirteenth factory should with hold a witness to communicate seasonable consign to supervise an examination to expend (include to supervise examine person day cost and cost of journey person day) , annuity and product are supervised sample detect cost (if have) .
The 14th factory does not get let sb pass following products:
(One) reject;
(2) change produces after obtaining evidence, but the product that acknowledges without attestation orgnaization;
(3) the product that exceeds attestation period of efficacy;
(4) already paused, cancel, the product that the certificate place of cancel lists;
(5) when examination conclusion sentences the factory to be spot test and verify or had been illogical, the attestation product that censor asks in the spot the factory seals up for keeping.
The 15th factory should report the change that contacts means in time attestation orgnaization.

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