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The first batch mandatory product certification catalog
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Balata condom

Seventeen, product of medical apparatus and instruments (in all 7 kinds)

Medical X ray diagnostic equipment, blood is dialytic device, hollow machine of lungs of pacemaker of the conduit of body outer circulation of purifying device of fiber dialyzer, blood, electrocardiogram machine, embedded type, artificial heart.

18, fire control product (in all 3 kinds)

Fire alarm equipment (dot feeling smoke fire alarm detector, dot feeling is lukewarm calamity of get angry of equipment of control of linkage of controller of fire alarm detector, fire alarm, fire control, hand calls the police pushbutton) , equipment of fire hose, sprinkling fire extinguishing)

19, safe technology is on guard product (in all 1 kind)

Inbreak detector (indoor with microwave Duopule is active and detector, infra-red inbreak detector, indoor with passive and infra-red detector, microwave and passivity infra-red and compound inbreak detector) .

20, magnetism qualitative brick

21, product of solvent carpentry coating

22, toy

⑴ toy, baby carrier reachs relevant product.

⑵ toy includes: Toy of cloth cloth with soft nap, ligneous toy, plastic toy, mechanical toy, report (move) the toy.

⑶ baby carrier includes go-cart of tricycle of bicycle of infantile toddle car, children, children, children to wait.

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