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The first batch mandatory product certification catalog
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Total output power is in 500W (virtual value) the phonic video transcribe of form of the amplifier of the following odd loudhailer and power of many loudhailer active sound box, frequency, tuner, radio of all sorts of broadcast wave band, of all kinds carrier, broadcast reach processing equipment (include of all kinds CD, the power source adapter that is phonic video equipment complement, all sorts of becoming the colour television receiver that resembles kind, monitor (do not include a car to use a television set) , television set of concolorous of etc of monochrome television receiver, show an elephant (show) amplifier of musical instrument of receiver of canal, videocorder, satellite telecast, electron, antenna, sound and TV.

9, IT equipment (in all 12 kinds)

Plane of game of power source of the buy inside the copycat of the microcomputer, portable computer, indication equipment with computer use consecutively, printing equipment that is linked together with the computer, multipurpose that print, scanner, computer and charger of power source adapter, computer, study machine, copycat, server, finance and equipment of electron of trade close an account.

10, lighting equipment (in all 2 kinds) (do not include report to press the lighting equipment under 36V)

Lamps and lanterns, ballast

11, telegraphic terminal unit (in all 9 kinds)

Terminal of modem, electrograph, fixed phone (common phone, advocate call number to show type of phone, card manages phone, recording telephone set, coin-box telephone set, intelligence to block type phone, IC to block public phone, avoid carry additional device of phone, number phone, phone) , cordless telephone terminal.

12, motor-driven car and safe accessory (in all 4 kinds)

(one) car: The M in the travel on highway and urban road, N, O kind car

(2) autocycle: Engine capacity exceeds 50cc or highest design speed exceeds the autocycle of 50Km/h

(3) car autocycle component: Engine of car safety belt, autocycle

13, motor-driven car tire (in all 3 kinds)

(one) car tire: Passenger car tyre (the car is car meridian tire, inclined make tire) , tire of carring capacity car (tire of tire of car of miniature carring capacity, car of light carring capacity, medium-sized / heavy load car

(2) autocycle tire: Autocycle tire (code name expresses series, metric series, light model series, truckle diameter series)

14, safe glass (in all 3 kinds)

Automobile safety glass (A kind sandwich glass, B kind toughened glass of sandwich glass, area, toughened glass) , build safe glass (sandwich glass, toughened glass) , railroad traffic uses safe glass (safe and sandwich glass, toughened glass, hollow glass)

15, agriculture machinery product (in all 1 kind)

Plant protection is mechanical (bear type sparge machine (implement) , bear type duster (implement) , bear type sparge duster)

16, emulsion goods (in all 1 kind)
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