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The first batch mandatory product certification catalog
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4, electromotor — compressor: Power input is mixed in the family expenses under 5000W similar utility air conditioning and refrigeration unit institute use airtight formula (whole sealing, close partly model) electromotor — compressor.

5, family expenses is dynamoelectric washing machine: Take or do not take water to add the electric washing machine of the catharsis clothings of hot device, dehydration device or dry garment unit.

6, electric water heater: The storage water heater that heats water to boiling point to be secured below and water of electric heat of quick hot style implement.

7, indoor heater: Heater of the radiation type heater of family expenses and similar utility, board state heating apparatus, type full fluid, fan type heater, convection type heater, heater tubal account.

8, vacuum: Have suck except dry dust or liquid action, by series excitation commutate child electromotor or the vacuum of dc electromotor.

9, the skin and hair nurse implemental: Use as the electric equipment that person or animal skin or hair nurse and contains electric heat element.

10, electric iron: The dry type electric iron of family expenses and similar utility and wet (vapour) electric iron.

11, electromagnetism kitchen: The kitchen that with the adoption of similar utility electromagnetism can heat has housekeeping money, it can contain heating element of one or more electromagnetism.

12, electric oven: Model of flapjack of roaster of the electric oven of the housekeeping money that?0 of  of bosom of  of Chun of ㄈ of  ǘ Tuan raises and similar utility, biscuit, China husband and similar appliance.

13, dynamoelectric food machines appliance: Dynamoelectric food machines family expenses implement with similar utility muti_function food is machined implement.

14, microwave oven: Frequency is in the one or more I.S.M of 300MHz above. The electromagnetism energy of wave band will heat the family expenses of food and beverage is implemental, it can contain chromatic function and vapour function.

15, electric cooking stove, hearth, oven and similar appliance: The kitchen head that includes family expenses electric cooking stove, detached type to secure electric cooking stove of oven, hearth, table, electric cooking stove, grill and bake dish reach inside the oven that fit pattern, grill.

16, machine of oil absorption cigarette: Install the upside in appliance of family expenses cook and cooking range, contain fan, electric lamp and control adjuster and so on to be used at pump to remove the home appliance of the lampblack in the kitchen.

17, liquid heater and machine of water of cold hot drink.

18, electric rice cooker: Use the type of automatic heat preservation that electric heat component heats or pot for cooking rice of time form report.

8, phonic video equipment kind (do not include equipment of broadcast class sound and car sound facility) (in all 16 kinds)
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