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Mandatory mark of check of product certification product allows collection
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2, detect project
⑴ installs all inspection to survey a project: Of family expenses and similar utility electric equipment mandatory the type experiment of safe attestation detects project, include all and applicable item that product standard provides.

⑵ electromagnetism is compatible detect project:
1) 0.15MHz~30MHz disturbs voltage continuously (GB4343~1995)
2) 30MHz~300MHz disturbs power continuously (GB4343~1995)
3) 0.15MHz~30MHz is intermittent disturb voltage (GB4343~1995)
4) harmonic electric current (GB17625.1~1998)
3, detect method: Mix according to what the standard sets / or cite detect method and / or the standard undertakes detecting.

Accurate, project reachs the check mark that type of lighting electric equipment experiments method

1, check mark is accurate:
⑴ GB7000.1-1996 " lamps and lanterns is general safe requirement and experiment "
⑵ GB7000.10-1999 " safety of stationary lamps and lanterns asks "
⑶ GB7000.11-1999 " can move mood is current safety of lamps and lanterns asks "
⑷ GB7000.12-1999 " embedded safety of lamps and lanterns asks "
⑸ GB2313-93 " ballast of tubal form fluorescent lamp asks commonly and safety asks "
⑹ GB15143-94 " tubal form fluorescent lamp asks commonly with communication electron ballast and safety asks "
⑺ GB14045-93 " discharge lamp (except of tubal form fluorescent lamp) with ballast general requirement and safety ask "
⑻ GB17743-1999 " the bounds that the radio of electric illume and similar device annoys character is worth and measurement technique "
⑼ GB17625.1-1998 " low pressure is electric the harmonic electric current that reachs electronic equipment to give out is restricted to be worth (every photograph inputs equipment voltaic ≤16A) " .
2, detect project
⑴ brings project of all inspection test
The product detects all and applicable project that the project sets for standard of this product safety.
⑵ electromagnetism is compatible examine project
Insert electromagnetism of loss, disturbance voltage, radiate to annoy
3, detect method: The standard of check proved recipe that according to relevant product safety and electromagnetism compatible standard sets and / or cite standard and / or law of check proved recipe undertakes examining

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