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Detailed list of component of key of safety of phonic video equipment
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GB10193-1988, GB10194-1988

IEC60105-1, IEC60105-2

GB8898-1997 IEC60065 of coupler of photoelectricity of 19 of freewill sex attestation is followed overall assess filter of power source of 20

GB8898-1997, GB/T15287-94, GB/T15288-94

IEC939-1-2: 1998 is freewill sexual attestation Detailed list of component of key of IT equipment safety Serial number Renown Say According to national level Corresponding international standard Attestation is carried out 1

Cord set: Plug, line, connector

GB15934-1996, GB1002-1996, GB2099.1-1996, GB5023.5-1997, GB17465.1-1998

IEC60799, IEC60884-14, IEC6027-5

2 of 3C compulsive attestation

Appliance inlet: Input socket, output electrical outlet

GB17465.1-1998, GB17465.2-1998

IEC60320-1, IEC60320-2-2

3 of 3C compulsive attestation

Fuse: Fuse-link of miniature tube shape, exceed small-sized fuse-link

GB9364.1-1997, GB9364.2-1997, GB9364.3-1997

IEC60127-1, IEC60127-2, IEC60127-3

4 of 3C compulsive attestation restrains radio to disturb C of appendix of GB4943-2001 of transformer of 5 of attestation of freewill sex of capacitor GB/T14472-1998 IEC60384-14
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