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Product unit differentiates principle
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◇ wire cable

◇ heats up fuse-link

Switchgear of ◇ low-pressure whole set

◇ low-pressure breaker

Contactor of type of ◇ low-pressure Electromechanical and electromotor starter

The fuse that personnel of full-time of ◇ low-pressure fuse uses

The breaker of has not brought voltaic protection odd electric current of ◇ family expenses and similar utility

The belt of ◇ family expenses and similar utility crosses the breaker of odd electric current that electric current protects

◇ family expenses and similar place cross electric current to protect breaker

◇ is close to switch

◇ control and protective switch electric equipment (CPS)

◇ equipment uses breaker (CBE)

Movement of ◇ odd electric current protects relay

Protector of electric current of the rest of ◇ movable type (PRCD)

◇ Electromechanical type controls circuit electric equipment

◇ low-pressure switch, isolator, switch-disconnector and fuse assemble electric equipment

◇ family expenses and contactor of type of similar utility Electromechanical

◇ communicates semiconductor electromotor controller and starter

Protection of semiconductor device of ◇ low-pressure fuse uses fuse-link

◇ low-pressure fuse is not the fuse that skilled persons uses

Flow of ◇ odd cable makes low-pressure breaker

◇ small-power electric machinery

◇ dynamoelectric tool

◇ electric welder

◇ electric home appliances
◇ electric home appliances
Equipment of ◇ sound video

◇ IT equipment

◇ illumination luminaries

◇ electron commutator